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nuddu riassuntu dû canciamentu
nNuddu riassuntu dû canciamentu
nNuddu riassuntu dû canciamentu
There are tug of war clubs in many countries, and both men and women participate.
[[Image:1904 tug of war.jpg|thumb|250px|TugNa ofpartita war competitiontirata indâ corda ntê [[1904Jocura SummerOlimipichi]] Olympicsdû [[1904]]]]
The sport was part of the [[Olympic Games]] from [[1900]] until [[1920]], but has not been included since.
The sport is contested in the [[World Games]]. The [[Tug of War International Federation]] (TWIF) organises World Championships for nation teams biannually, for both indoor and outdoor contests, and a similar competition for club teams.
[[Image:Tug-of-war.jpg|thumb|250px|Tug of war]]
The term may be used as a [[simile]] to describe a demonstration of brute strength by two opposing groups, e.g. in a war or between two departments of a company. Often, there is a third party who is as the rope in a tug o' war.
[[Image:Tug-of-war.jpg|thumb|250px|TugTirata of warcorda]]
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